We are on a mission to offer the most innovative parking solution

ParkZen is committed to helping people locate available parking in real-time while enabling enterprises and organizations to optimize their parking operations at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based solutions available in the marketplace. Our innovative software was designed by passionate problem solvers with computer science, machine learning and business backgrounds and utilizes the power of smart crowdsourcing through bluetooth and phone sensor data processing.


ParkZen is available in the form of a third-party API that can be easily integrated into iOS and Android applications. A stand-alone iOS and Android app is also available to all users for download via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 


Partner with us to provide a smart parking solution for your users and gain access to our proprietary data-driven parking analytics to optimize your daily operations. With ParkZen, you can transform day-to-day parking into a community engagement tool and get direct feedback from your user-base.

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