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Terms of Purchase

Terms of Purchase for Parking Sessions Initiated with the ParkZen app


All parking fees will be paid upon the completion of your parking session. For certain categories of users (i.e., users that regularly sync their smartphone device to their vehicle via Bluetooth/BLE) transactions will be processed automatically upon departure from the parking lot area (within a range of 300-500 meters from the location of the parking lot). Some user categories may receive push notifications via the ParkZen app notifying of their active session upon departure. All users will be presented with a persistent notification counter ("badge count") displaying the number "1" on the top right of the ParkZen app icon indicating that a paid parking session is active. The ParkZen users are responsible for ending their own active parking sessions and can do so at any time via the ParkZen app. 


The ParkZen app user's vehicle license plate number is the credential that makes their payment valid. The parking operator or a third-party enforcement vendor checks the license plates on the location. If a user (1) parks at this location without initiating a payment session via the ParkZen app, (2) enters the incorrect license plate number, (3) ends the parking session pre-maturely and before they actually depart the location, or (4) improperly park their vehicle in any way, they agree that the parking operator or a third-party enforcement vendor may ticket, immobilize, or tow their vehicle. Parking sessions purchased through the ParkZen mobile app are nonrefundable after the start time of the session, whether or not a user actually makes use of the session. ParkZen is not responsible for losses resulting from theft, vandalism, or property damage to your vehicle or its contents. 


PARKING IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. You cannot transfer parking to other vehicles or other locations.


We and our affiliates and partners may send you informational notices and promotional opportunities via email.

Refund policy

This refund policy only applies to end-users that take advantage of our seamless pay feature for parking payments, that is available in select partner parking lots. 


Refund requests are not guaranteed to be approved. We will consider all requests and notify you by email of our decision within 3-5 business days. Please use either the "Contact Support" feature available during an active seamless pay session or the "Support" option in the ParkZen app settings to submit a refund request or contest a transaction.

Parking payments are currently only processed via the ParkZen app.

  • Sessions: Daily parking sessions purchased through the ParkZen app are non-refundable after the start time has begun, regardless of your use or non-use of the Session. Exceptions: More than one active session at the same time or if incorrect information was entered.


Payments collected by any of our vendors and third-party enforcement agencies are non-refundable using the above-mentioned refund request process. All consideration for refunds must be handled through an appeal. You may use the "Support" option in the ParkZen app settings to submit an appeal, and the ParkZen team will forward it to the corresponding vendor for review. 

Receiving your refund.

Approved refund requests will be processed within 1-3 business by applying a credit to the user's original payment method. Refunds to PayPal accounts may take 5-7 business days to process. ParkZen does not provide refunds via checks. 

You may review our full terms of purchase below.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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